Sh. Natha Raut (Managing Director)

Shri. Natha Raut is a founder Director of the Novogold Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (NGSPL). He comes with an educational background from agriculture faculty and holds enormous experience of managing business activities of multiple companies. He initiated backward integration journey from traditional conventional plant nursery and set his mind for the applied seeds research and development and further into upcoming biotechnological research and various products. His multi-activity businesses includes Pharmaceutical, Nursery, Plant Tissue Culture, Excavation, Infrastructure Companies, etc.

Shri. Natha Raut is also steering Raut Serum (I) Pvt. Ltd, Oxford Infrastructure Novgold Organics LLP, mainly engaged in research, development and production of Serum. His continuous revolving mind in financial aspects of NGSPL helps to accelerate the commercial growth with cost effective solutions.